Accounting Career Rewards

A career in accounting isn’t the boring job it once was. Today, a career in accounting can mean a career in one of several different types of companies. The same degree can land you in a wide variety of firms doing a wide variety of different jobs. The hours an accountant used to spend on mundane tasks are now computerized so that the accountant’s duties are more varied and more interesting than ever before.

An accounting career has plenty of room for advancement because the field is so diverse. Now that it doesn’t take all day to tally the figures that accountants used to spend all day tallying, there are bigger and better opportunities. For example, instead of spending the day adding and subtracting, an accountant may now spend her day interpreting and analyzing the data that the computer already calculated.

Accounting jobs are so much more interesting today than ever before. For example, say a company knows they have a $25,000 discrepancy and they suspect a certain person of embezzling the money. They already know how much money is missing because the computer did the math. At this point, they might call in a forensic accountant to determine what happened to the money.

A career in accounting can be a stepping stone to more prestigious careers; however, the accounting field is so diverse and involves so many different kinds of companies that one can indeed have a prestigious career in accounting, such as forensic accounting.

Another accounting career reward is the job perks this field offers. Benefits are usually very attractive, the pay varies, but accountants are well compensated in most cases and the hours are good.

Accountants are easily hired in entry level jobs right out of college, so one pursuing an accounting degree can be quite certain he will find work in his chosen field.

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