Becoming an accountant

If you like a fast paced environment couched in one of the world's oldest and most stable professions, you may want to become an accountant. Accountants have a set foundation of rules and guidelines, balanced by enough leeway to add creativity to the job. There are a million ways to present financial data for an organization, and accountants have plenty of legroom to be creative - while keeping sound legal practices - in this respect.

Unfortunately for the anti-school crowd, becoming an accountant requires some form of higher education - either technical school or a full blown 4-year course of study at a university. While a four year degree provides more depth in accounting, those with a two-year technical degree aren't left out in the cold: they can start at the bottom of the accounting totem pole and move up through networking and training directly on the job. Those taking this path through accounting may start out a little lower, but the future is still quite bright. In either case, education can also provide a clearer understanding of the opportunities in accounting, along with what path in accounting you wish to take. You can become a certified public accountant, or a certified managerial accountant - along with a dozen other highly sought-after, valuable career paths in accounting.

Becoming an accountant is well worth it - these days, companies will pay top dollar for accountants that can come aboard and handle the complex financial affairs of an organization efficiently and - most importantly - legally. Accounting is a great, broad field, and with enough drive, anyone can make a successful future out of it!

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