Financial Rewards of an Account Career

Accountants make a real decent living just starting out, but for one who grows either with one company or who manages to rise up through the ranks of more than one company, she will be making a nice living. Getting licensed or certified in a particular facet of accounting such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Enrolled Agent (EA) will help raise the salary of someone in an accounting career.

An accountant has to have a Bachelor’s Degree to even be called an accountant, but for those who go on to get their Master’s Degree, they become even more valuable in terms of salary and prestige in the job market.

The financial rewards in the field of accounting can be quite lucrative. Education and experience will only add to the amount the accountant can earn. In addition, people with an accounting degree or certain licenses or certifications such as a CPA can be quite successful in their own businesses. Many people who earn accounting degrees open their own businesses as tax accountants or financial planners.

Depending on the company, some yearly starting salaries for careers in accounting are as high as $50k or more, plus bonuses, with generous vacation and sick time. Health insurance and other benefits like 401(k) are customary also.

It’s an exciting time for those in an accounting career, because there are so many places to go in this field. No one should be “stuck” when there are so many options. If you find you don’t like the work in one area of accounting, try another one. If you like investigative or problem solving tasks, you might consider fraud or forensic accounting positions.

Whatever you decide to do in the accounting field, you can look forward to a long and lucrative career.

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