Thinking about an Accounting Career

If you’re thinking about an accounting career you’ll have a lot of thinking to do. This is because there are so many different careers within the field of accounting. This is a field for a serious, career-minded person, but the rewards are substantial. Most jobs in the accounting field pay fairly well, almost all of them have benefits, and most have good daytime hours.

A career in accounting could mean anything from preparing payroll to investigating fraudulent claims. It could mean working for yourself or for one of the most prestigious firms in the country.

The Accounting field in general is a stable field to choose for your career, and will likely remain that way. Why? Because accounting is a field and not an industry. Accounting is found in nearly every industry and every industry isn’t going to crash. Suppose, for example, you’re a staff accountant at XYZ Company and they announce they are laying off three-fourths of their workforce and you’re one of the ones to go.

Ok, so you’ve lost your job. But the fact that XYZ Company isn’t doing so well doesn’t have anything to do with how accountants are doing. You’re still an accountant, and people everywhere need accountants. That’s what makes your job secure.

It’s a good position to be in. When the bottom fell out of the oil industry in the 80s, anyone remotely involved with the industry suffered. That’s because the industry as a whole suffered. By choosing a field (Accounting) instead of an industry (Oil) you give yourself job security. It’s the same way with nurses. A nurse can live anywhere in the country and get a job. Everyone needs nurses.

Do your homework. If you think you want a career in the accounting field, do an Internet search on accounting jobs so you can see how diverse the field is and start thinking about what you would like to do with your accounting career.

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