Look Well Into the Future When Career Planning

Although the initial stages of career planning are crucial to success, looking well into the future when career planning is essential if that success is going to be maintained. Careers change, the market changes, the economy changes. If you want to make sure that you remain a hot commodity in your career, you need to make sure that you can roll with the punches.

The best way to look into the future, you must start by looking into the past. What have been the trends of your industry? Where has its competition come from in the past? What companies have survived and which haven't? Why?

Next, look at the current state of the new industry in which you hope to work and ask the same questions. Choose case studies in the form of major companies. Find out who the key players are in these companies and check out their career path. What did they do after school and entry level positions? Read business journals and check out industry forums online. Where is the current threat coming from? What are people saying about the future of the industry? How will that affect your ability to get a job in your chosen career – and keep it five, ten, twenty years down the road?

Now, look at both of these groups of facts and consider your future. What areas will you need to acquire frequent updates on information and skills in order to maintain your position and move up? A certain amount of critical thinking is necessary to prepare yourself for the possible twists and turns of the market as it concerns your chosen career. By assessing the past, taking note of the present, and planning for the future, you will have a much higher chance of not only holding onto your new career but excelling at it as well.

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