Home Careers with Children

It may be as much of a challenge working from home as it is working outside of the home but those who have a home career with children underfoot have to be flexible and resourceful.

If you have very young children it may be wise to figure out what part of your work you can do while they are up that doesn’t require your full concentration and do the real intense part of your work when they are asleep.

Children love to mimic their parents. If you have a home office, perhaps you could set your young one up with an office of their own. Maybe you can proofread or go over budget reports while she colors or scribbles. If you work on a computer, chances are she would like to do the same. She might enjoy banging away on an old keyboard so she could have a "computer" too.

It might also be helpful to enlist the aid of a "mommy’s helper", a pre-teen or teen-ager that could help keep your young one entertained while you are working at home. You wouldn’t have to pay as much as you would if you were gone and most important; you would be there if an emergency occurred.

For any age child, it’s important that they understand your supplies and your work space are your own and not to be trespassed upon. An older child might like it if you give him small responsibilities of his own regarding your home career for which you pay him of course. Children are amazingly helpful when they’re earning money. Besides, it would be a great opportunity to teach a lesson in economics and work ethics.

Regardless of the age of your child or children, imagination and flexibility will go a long way toward a successful home career.

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