Separating Family from Your Home Career

You have to take your home career seriously before you can expect others, even your own family to do so. Even though you may now have the freedom to work in your pajamas, your family may not take you very seriously if you do. Have your own work area whether it is an actual home office or a corner of another room and when you are in your area working, have a no admittance policy.

Keep specific working hours and keep them consistently. Don’t make phone calls or watch TV during working hours. When you stop for lunch, have lunch and get back to work. Don’t run errands during the work day.

If you act in a professional manner about your home career, your family is more likely to respect your time and resources. However, when working hours are over, act as if you are happy to be off work. Leave your home office and enjoy family time together.

Even if it takes a while for you to realize the monetary benefits from having your career at home, your family needs to see some kind of benefit right away. Are you happier and easier to get along with? Do the kids get to do something they couldn’t do before you had your home career? Do you cook more often?

Even though it is important to be consistent with your work at home hours, your kids will see it as a plus if it means you can attend their school functions. You don’t have to be rigid about it. In fact, the ability to be flexible is a key ingredient for your home career success.

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