Where do you see yourself in a home career?

There are a variety of unique ways to earn money from home and create a home career that will allow you to have a flexible schedule, time with your family, and a mortgage payment every month at the same time.

In fact, you have so many to choose from that you can try more than one to find out what is the best fit for you. Some of your choices


Freelance Writing - Write everything from advertising to blogs to ebooks to product descriptions.

Graphic Designer - Design graphics for websites, signs, business cards, and more.

Reseller - Sell the products of a company you trust. Some even allow you to create your own labels!

Online Editor - Editing includes everything from student papers to book manuscripts to website copy.

Blogger - Tons of people are adding blogs to their sites as a way to make money through advertising. Is this for you?

Sell on eBay - Start with a few items around the house and then hawk your wares, be they electronics or hand knit sweaters.

Sell to Second Hand Stores - Antique stores and consignment shops are always on the lookout for good stuff, especially when it's vintage and in great condition.

Starting Your Own Web Site - On your website, you can sell products, services, even yourself. Post a resume with examples of your work and use it like an online business card.

Sell Gift Baskets - Baskets of related items are perfect for holidays and with the right marketing, you'll find a client-base in no time.

Messenger or Delivery Service - Whether you deliver important documents for law firms or pizza, this is one home career that keeps you on the go.

Which of these most appeal to you and suit your experience and interests? If you have the education and start up costs, if any, to get

started then go for it. If not, online education is available to give you the knowledge you need to hone your skills and create a home career that works for you.

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