Free Online Home Schooling: Who Are The Good Samaritans?

The turn of the century witnessed the rise in children and adults taking home school programs. With the advancement of the Internet in the past few years, home schooling has all the more become a better option than traditional schooling. With online home schooling, a student is provided with a classroom without boundaries; a classroom which serves as a gateway to the whole world!

However, many online home schooling programs come with a price. And like traditional education methods, online home schooling can prove to take away a hefty portion of your family income. Fortunately, the ever increasing supporters of home schooling have paved the way to further evolve online home schooling so that everyone, no matter what social stratum or condition in life one belongs, can take advantage of the benefits of online home schooling.

Today, a great number of free online home schooling programs are available in the Internet. One has only to log into cyberspace and choose the school and the program he or she wants. From primary, secondary and collegiate levels to advanced degrees, free online home schooling programs are the way to go for those who are discontented with conventional schooling system. But how can it be free?

Religious Congregations

Religious sectors are some of the many sponsors of free online home schooling. Some religious congregations have grown disillusioned with the conventional mode of education. With the rise in school violence, social apathy, and teen sex among others, many parents who belong to these religious groups are advocating free online home schooling system for their children and themselves.

The costs incurred for the online programs are financed by the religious organization and are therefore free for the benefit of their members.

State And Federal Mandate

Public schools are run by the government; and the students in these schools enjoy low cost, if not free, education. A portion of the taxes we pay help sustain the operational requirements of public schools. At present, public school authorities are encouraging the use of online home schooling programs for free.

Free online home schooling system enables public schools to control student population in the campus, hence, limit additional costs while remaining true to their mandate of providing free or low cost education. The portion of taxpayers’ money appropriated for education is more optimized with free online home schooling by minimizing costs and gaining a larger base of students.

Other Grants

Some private schools and universities also give out free online home schooling modules to anyone who meets a set of criteria. This is one way for them to look for new skills and talents which could benefit them in the future; that is why some of these schools would even hire students who have completed their free online home schooling modules. This is a win-win situation for the school and the recipient of the scholarship because, aside from having a pool of fresh new talents, it is cheaper for the school to give out online scholarships than conventional grants that could even include cash stipends; while the student gets a free online home schooling.

Some governments are also offering free online home schooling programs; particularly for courses concerned with the culture and language of their respective countries. It assures them the preservation of their cultures and traditions plus a steady influx of tourists.

Free online home schooling, aside from a costless education, offers a wider degree of autonomous learning. Backers of free online home schooling figure that this is the best way to put into practice the maxim that education is for everyone. And they may be right.

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