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Planning to get your driver’s license? Need more information on traffic rules and safety? Just got a speeding ticket? If spending days inside a classroom listening to driving lectures is not your thing, don’t despair. If you are like thousands of Americans who prefer to prepare for their driving test through home schooling, you have a lot of options.

Web traffic schooling is a great choice for you if you do not want to spend work hours in traffic school or if it’s too inconvenient and could interfere with other activities. Besides, we all know how boring it can get – watching driving safety videos and listening to lectures that require very little interaction.

Here are a few ways to avoid going to driving class and still get your driver’s education:

Online schools Online schools offer interactive web-based driver’s education. All you have to do is register online and complete the course, all at your own pace. The online course will require you to read driving information online, and then take a test, which is graded online. If you pass, you’ll even receive a certificate of completion. Online schools are open 24 hours a day and you can log in anytime you like.

If you prefer home schooling without going online, then you might find a CD-ROM based curriculum more to your liking. You can still access driving school information even if you don’t have web access. All the references and lectures are integrated into a CD, along with instructional videos.

Some CD-ROM based materials are also interactive, allowing you to virtually experience situations that drivers typically face, like two-lane passing, pedestrians crossing roads, traffic changes, etc. Your tests and quizzes will also be graded automatically.

If you prefer getting information from paper, materials are also available in textbook form. Tests and quizzes come with the workbook and an answer key is provided for grading.

Some learning materials are designed for parent-participation, where a parent is required to assist a child who wants to learn to drive. A separate learning material, usually a book, is provided with the course for the parent to use as reference.

Some websites offer free information and references as study guide online. They have a simple index where you can click on general driving information such as types of licenses, traffic control, safe driving tips, defensive driving, permits and road tests and sample quizzes. Sample quizzes are presented one by one and scored.

Course duration Online courses take about 4 to 6 hours to complete, or more if you take your time. The advantage is you can take a course at anytime, night or day.

If you have a traffic violation and are required to go to traffic school, you can still opt to get your lessons through the web. The only problem you’re likely to encounter is that the Department of Motor Vehicles has not approved some of those sites since they have no way of verifying if a driver has indeed attended or completed the course himself.

However, if you live in a county where the court has approved an online class as your option, then you’re in luck. Schools like Traffic School Online have approval from 80 courts in California while Web Traffic School has 111 courts and expanding.

As an added system for verification, some schools require students to provide personal information about themselves, like height, weight, eye color, a few digits from their credit card number and social security number – the kind of information that a person does not readily share with another.

Once a student is online, this is repeatedly checked. A window will appear and ask for verification, which needs to be answered within a specified time. If the answer is late, or incorrect, then it will show that the person taking the course is not the person enrolled. Another feature that might be added in the future is voice recognition, which may be required by some courts.

Here are a few websites that you can check out:,, for free references,, or

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