Rules to follow when joining a home schooling online forum

Believe it or not, there are a lot of home schooling online forum one could join in. However, once a member becomes enrolled, there are rules and regulations one should abide in so that the forum becomes a lively and enriching experience for everyone.

One such home schooling online forum is the HSE or Home Enrichment School. Their focus is on home schooling with a Christian perspective. One of their basic objectives is to inspire, help and encourage home schoolers. For them, home schooling is more than fulfilling a slew of requirements and grades.

Basically, HSE also follow what the Bible says wherein parents need to always teach their kids all the time and every time.

Learning should therefore be a part of life, and not simply something that is confined within the environment of the classroom, be it a home school online classroom or a real traditional class.

HSE has a dedicated web site that is intentionally friendly and warm for any home schooler to learn, gather and enjoy each other’s company.

In this website is also an HSE online forum wherein there exists regulations and rules for using the online forum.

The following are just a few of the conditions and terms that the HSE home school online forum requires for its users to follow.

This is so that everyone adheres to the appropriate mindset and decorum in order for a free and open home schooling online forum exists.

The HSE home schooling online forum

Basically, this home schooling online forum offers tools, information, resources as well as other services all related to home school and focused on families that practice home schooling. The HSE home schooling online forum pledges to maintain a reliable and smooth operating home school online forum that will most definitely meet all home school student needs.

The HSE home schooling online forum registration

Basically, the HSE home school online forum require that a member need to be thirteen years of age.

Upon registration, information need to be entered such as one’s age and name. all and every information that is provided all throughout the process of registration must be true and accurate.

Any information that is false or untrue automatically invalidates your membership registration.

Also, for reasons of security, sharing your password and username is not allowed. A privacy policy is also required to be followed.

Home schooling online forum use

The HSE home schooling online forum is not to be used for any reasons or purpose that in any way involve viewing, sending or making pornographic, violent or hateful matter as well as viruses or Trojans.

This also covers any content that is in any way against the Bible, immodest or against Christian beliefs.

The HSE home school online forum should not also be used for the purposes of promoting MLMs, money schemes, business franchise or any other ways and means that will promote any type of business particularly your own.

However, sharing information that is related to your business is allowed as long as it is relevant to the home schooling online forum topics and is not necessarily promotional in the strictest sense.

Home school online forum posts that appear as ads or as personal profiles and is found in any way to have violated the rules and conditions of the home schooling online forum will be deleted and edited with no prior notice.

All in all, joining home schooling online forum is easy as long as you are prepared to abide by the terms and conditions stated in their site.

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