What is Home Schooling Online?

In the United States, children are required to study in a school that can be either private or public. The costs of enrolling the kids in a private institution are quite expensive which is the reason many prefer to go to a public one, which is free.

The recent shootings in these campuses have prompted some parents to conduct home schooling instead. Since there are many options and resources already available online, dong this online seems to be a better alternative for many parents.

What is home online schooling? This method is similar to distance learning offered by colleges and universities. The children are able to learn from an instructor, interact and take exams without the need of stepping inside a classroom.

The parents are not only limited to the resources offered by the school board since it is also possible to review other websites that have other curriculum examples, lesson plans and resources that will help the child learn.

The student will also be able to use the Internet to do research online when doing assignments which makes this a classroom, a dictionary and an encyclopedia all in the fingertips of the children.

Now the people know what home schooling online is, what are its benefits? Why will the parent choose this over the traditional format?

1. First, home schooling online has a low teacher to student ratio. In a normal classroom setting, it is very difficult for the teacher to give attention to the child if there are 15 to 35 students per class.

Online home schooling guarantees one on one interaction, which is the best way to monitor the progress of the student.

2. Another benefit of home online schooling is that parents will get instant feedback after doing an exercise or taking an exam. This also allows the student to ask questions and additional work if there are some things that need to be improved on.

3. Most public schools have a standard curriculum that is being followed. Home online schooling can be tailored to the needs of the student. This means a student for example who is weak in math will not move to the next level until this has been mastered.

The pace of the lesson plan will really depend on the student and not a timetable that many schools follow just to reach the end of the semester.

4. Home Online Schooling also promises fewer distractions. The parents can set the time to make sure the child is ready to learn.

5. Students in both public and private schools have to get up early, have a roll call before starting the day. The time in home online schooling is more flexible because this enables the student to learn based on an individualized schedule.

Assignments and exams can be taken whenever the child is ready which means vacations can be done in between to let the brain rest and get ready to absorb new information.

Home schooling is not something new because the Founding Fathers of this country were educated at home. It is possible that this was due to the fact that there were not that many schools then but the wisdom passed down by the elders have made this nation strong.

The difference now is that education can now be done online and all the child needs at home is a computer. There are many so programs to choose from and these are designed to help the student in elementary, junior high and high school to be able to prepare for college and the real world.

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