The Disadvantages Of Home Schooling

Are there disadvantages of home schooling? Of course there are many things to be concerned about when considering home schooling. Many parents worry about these things but with the proper care and the proper attention, may of them can be handled effectively so that the child’s education can be received in the most beneficial manner. The cons of home schooling do not outweigh the plusses.

It’s Too Expensive

Many people feel that the purchase of home schooling materials is too expensive. In some cases, the local or state government will help fund the home schooling, though this is not so in all areas. In any case, the home schooling curriculum can often be purchased at lower costs or can be financed as well. There are many ways to work around the cost of a home schooling program.

Home Schooling Won’t Teach Social Behavior

Some parents feel that the home schooled child is not getting the social experience that they need to learn to work with other children and to then use later in life. While this is true to a certain level, it can be overcome by encouraging the child to play a sport or to be involved in community activity. You can arrange for play dates or other encounters for your child.

I Can’t Teach

Another problem that some home school parents end up feeling is that they are not educated enough or skilled enough to teach their child. You teach them everyday. You taught them how to eat, how to go to bed and how to behave. You can teach. And, to help you, you’ll find a wide range of teacher resources to tap into. It is also an excellent bonding time for you and your child to share learning something together.

Sure, there are some disadvantages out there when it comes to home schooling, but most of these things can be fixed so that they do not effect your child. Home schooling is an excellent way for you to educate your child.

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