Home School Testing: What’s It All About?

Home school testing is a necessary step to get your child into the right curriculum. As you will see, each and every student is different and has different needs. If you put a child into a curriculum that is based on their age, they may be not ready for it. Or, it may not be challenging enough and will bore them. The goal is to find the right curriculum for the student’s needs and that is what standardized testing can do.

How To Get It

When you look for a curriculum for your child, you will find that the companies often also can provide you with the testing for your child. One of the most popular of these tests that is often used is the California Achievement test. This test is used for all grades from kindergarten through twelfth. The tests will cover a range of things that are important to that grade level. For example in the kindergarten level, the test will require information on basic word analysis, math concepts and even comprehension. At the fourth grade and above levels, testing will include appropriate coverage of vocabulary, math computation, language, reading and a wide range of other skills.

The testing for home school learning can be done online by some companies. Others will require the child to take a series of tests at home and then have them mailed in to the location for grading purposes. Some will allow for the parent to administer them. But, some of the various options that are available can provide for other ways of testing as well.

The information gathered by the test should be analyzed by an expert. It is important for the test to be conducted based on what the child knows, without any help from the parent to insure that the test is accurate. Learning can only be done if the child is placed in the right home school curriculum.

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