Home Schooling Requirements: What You Have To Insure

Home schooling requirements change from one state to the next. If you are getting started in home schooling, you need to contact your local school department for help in insuring that you do all that needs to be done to school your children at home. Don’t worry; you are not the first to home school in your area. And, most districts already have in place all the information that you need. But, what are the requirements going to tell you?

The State’s Rules

Each state sets their own requirements for home schooled children. The intentions are good and shouldn’t be thought of as being too restrictive. Although you plan to provide an excellent education for your child, there is no telling what someone else will do, or not do. The rules are in place to help insure that all children get the knowledge that they need. States can be broken down into four categories as listed below.

* No Notice. Some states do not require any notice or follow up for home schooling. These states include Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Texas as well as several others. * Low Level Requirements. The next set of states requires only that children that are home schooled report this to the state. No other follow up is normally provided. This includes states such as Utah, California, Alabama, Arizona and New Mexico. * Moderate Level: The next set of requirements is required for states such as Ohio, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado and the Virginias. These locations will need to provide notification as well as test scores, and professional evaluations of the child’s progress. * The High Level: In the states of North Dakota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania the regulations include all of that of the moderate level and also include curriculum approval, teacher qualifications of parents and even home visits by the state officials.

It is essential that you find out what your state provides for home schooling students. You can often learn this through your states website or learn more about it on other home schooling websites.

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