Home Schooling Statistics: What They Tell About Home Schooling

Home schooling statistics are available for most areas of the country. Individuals that would like to seek out how well home schooled students fair against those in their local area should contact their local school district for testing scores to compare. But, on a broad scale of things, the statistics for home schooling are usually able to show the many benefits that this form of education can provide.

For example, most of the home schooled children are taught not based on their age, but on their level of knowledge. That means that they tend to be learning at two grades higher than students of their own age group in a public school. This allows children to learn more and to be taught at the level that they should be taught at for success. In fact, when children who have been home schooled continue their education in this manner, by the 8th grade, they are four grade levels ahead of the national average.

Another statistic that should be noted about home schooling students is that many of them that start out in a home schooling environment and continue through their high school education in home schooling, have the highest academic abilities over students in both parochial school settings and in public school settings. In fact, the more time they spend, the more their academic abilities increase.

These home schooling standings go to show that yes, the child who is taught in the home often perform better in their academics. That is mainly due to the fact that children are taught individually so that they get the specific help that they need to succeed. This makes a great deal of difference in their education overall. When considering whether or not home schooling is the right choice for you and your family, consider the statistics offered here as well as at Home School Legal Defense Association website, a group that can provide quite a bit of help to home schooling families.

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