Home Schooling VS Public Schooling

In the battle of home schooling vs. public schooling, there are many things that you must consider. It is not an easy decision to make, by any means. And, not all children and parents are cut out for the home schooling environment. It takes quite a bit of dedication and work. But, on the other hand, the public schooling option doesn’t always provide all the necessarily elements either. So, what should you do?

Home Schooling: What It Is

Home schooling is a method of educating your children in the home environment as opposed to the traditional school. It is an excellent way to instill values and fundamentals as well as religious belief. But, it is also a lot of work. For example, a schedule must be put into place to allow for the child to get all of the educational elements that they need. Also, you’ll need to provide a wide range of one on one teaching. This is something that not all parents are capable of doing. It may be necessary to purchase outside help for children which can be costly.

Public Schools: Good Or Bad?

One of the main reasons parents take their children from public schools is because of a lack of confidence in them. They can be filled with troublemakers, problems such as drugs and exposure to sex as well as many other problems. Some parents simply do not approve of the style of teaching offered or they want their child to receive specialized instruction which is geared to their needs, not to that of a class. But, the public school does provide a way for children to interact with other children. And, it allows for children to make friendships, learn to work in a team and get instruction from certified teachers.

Which is the right option then? Depending on what your needs are as well as what you feel would be the right choice for your child is where your decision lies. If you feel capable of finding a qualified curriculum to home school your child, then go for it. If you feel that the public school atmosphere is the best then provide that. You can also find solutions to all the concerns for both situations to make for a better outcome for your child. Home schooling or public school? The choice is yours.

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