How Long Should Home School Last?

How long should home school last per day? Many parents wonder this question, but unfortunately there is not one set answer. In many cases, the answer will be one that the individual will need to look at and consider. For many children, the home school day lasts between three and five hours. They will also have time for independent learning as well. But, this is not a set in stone type of learning environment.

What Makes It Change?

There are many factors that play a role in why children need a different amount of time for learning per day.

* Children all learn at their own pace. Some will require additional studies and more repetition than others will. Some students can grasp a concept and master it rather quickly. In all cases, children need to be given the necessary time to learn what they need to learn, no matter how long it takes. * Children that have trouble paying attention or suffer from learning disabilities will often require more time spent on subjects. It just may take more time to explain and teach the topic. * The amount of learning that a child does varies by age as well. Some children will need home schooling to last for six or seven hours because they just have that much course work to cover. The tendency is for more to be placed on a child to learn as they get older and can handle more. * Learning isn’t easy on the parent either. For some parents, teaching the subject may take them longer than it would for other parents. So, from the teacher’s standpoint, things can be slowed down as well. * Lastly, it can just be that the student has an interest in learning. Some parents can put more on their child because the child enjoys it and is capable of learning more at once.

The length of time that it takes for your child to learn today may not be the same tomorrow. In the home school environment, it is necessary to insure that the child’s needs are met first, without regard to time.

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