Fake Degrees: Big Risks and Money Wasters

There is no denying that earning a Master’s degree online requires a lot of effort. There is a huge time and effort commitment on your part, much the same as if you were earning the degree at a traditional college. Because of this, it is no wonder that students are being lured by diploma mills into getting fake degrees. However, in the long run, fake degrees are risks and not worth the money.

Some students see fake degrees as a way of getting out of the work necessary to earn a Master’s degree online. They think that by buying a diploma they will be able to sail right into the job market and no one will be the wiser. Of course, the diploma mills do nothing to deny this. The diplomas that are received for the fake degrees are often very impressive and realistic looking, and to the casual observer are indistinguishable from a diploma earned for a Master’s degree online program for an accredited university.

The problem arises when the student uses the fake degrees to try and go out and get a job. Often, the fake degrees do not meet state and federal requirements for jobs, and if an employer does the research and finds out the candidate will be summarily rejected for the job. Earning a legitimate Master’s degree online is the only way to get an online degree that will give you chance at landing a job.

Once in a while, fake degrees may slide through the cracks and the student will be able to get a job. If this is the case, there are always risks that your employer will find out that the Master’s degree online that you earned was not earned at all. Should they find out that you have fake degrees, you will most like lose your job. Such was the case of a dozen teachers in Georgia in 2003 and nearly 500 government employees in 2004.

Even if you are not found out right away, the fake degrees will eventually give you away. As you attempt to climb the corporate ladder, it will become more obvious to employers that you really do not have the skills needed for the job.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of fake degrees has made many employers suspect of any Master’s degree online program. This may make it difficult for even students with real degrees to get jobs. On a more positive note, it has also generated the creation of several online groups that police online schools for diploma mills, and can help verify the accreditation of online colleges.

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