Life Experience Degrees and Your Online Education

If you are thinking of earning your Master’s degree online, you might have already started to do some research. One thing you might have come across is the controversy about life experience degrees. While there are many accredited programs for a Master’s degree online for life experience degrees, these can also be a front for fake diploma mills.

With a typical Master’s degree online, you do your coursework for an accredited school, and if it is done well enough you will earn your diploma. As long as the school is legitimately accredited, you can then use this diploma to further your career. Diploma mills try to take advantage of the consumer’s innocence about online degree programs, and award diplomas for simply paying the fee. In the long run, both the student, and any employer who is foolish enough to hire them, loses.

There are authentic life experience degrees out there. To earn legitimate life experience degrees, you must do the necessary work experience, on-the-job training, and have acquired the work skills needed for your chosen profession. All of this requires documentation and proof, and you can end up accumulating academic credit at an accredited university towards your Master’s degree online.

However, you must be careful that your life experience degrees are for real and not a front by a diploma mill. There are plenty of unaccredited universities that will offer you a Master’s degree online. At their school, as long as you pay their fees they will give you life experience degrees. Little or no verification is required, and you do not have to worry about practical experience. Sometimes, for an extra fee, the school will even show your graduating with honors! However, since these schools are not accredited or are accredited by unrecognized agencies, these are often not acceptable by state and federal standards. This will make if very difficult to find a suitable job.

The important thing to look into when earning life experience degrees is to make sure that the school you are dealing with is legitimate. Schools should be accredited by the U.S. Department of Education or branch there of. There are also other online agencies that help ferret out diploma mills from the real deal, and they can look into the accreditation of online colleges, often for little or no fees. Once you have found an accredited university, you can look at their requirements for life experience degrees and see if you qualify for credits towards earning your Master’s degree online.

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