Stopping Diploma Fraud with the Diploma Mill Police

When you are getting your Master’s degree online, you have to be sure that you are getting it from an accredited university. Otherwise, it will be worth next to nothing when you go out to look for a job. To help you identify diploma mills from legitimate places to get your Master’s degree online, you do have some help.

The Diploma Mill Police is an online group created to help you authenticate you university of choice for your Master’s degree online. The Diploma Mill Police was started by and is a free service offered by the website. It helps students and prospective employers get their complaints out there about the accreditation of online diplomas.

To use the Diploma Mill Police, all you have to do is to submit a query at and they will check on the accreditation status of any online college that operates in the United States. Once the Diploma Mill Police has screened a college and found it to be legitimate, the school can display a Consumer Seal of Approval on their site. Seals are provided by

The Diploma Mill Police also offer other services online for those who are looking to earn a Master’s degree online. They have a full list of accredited online universities and colleges. The Diploma Mill Police also have a FAQ section to help students with questions. Students can also review surveys on the top online schools and use the Diploma Mill Police as a resource to help them decide which Master’s degree online is best for them and at which schools. The Diploma Mill Police also offers information about diploma mills and how to avoid being duped by online scams.

To get more information on the school of your choice, simply provide the school’s information along with any questions you may have at the website. The Diploma Mill Police will respond to your queries with their suggestions to help you make a correct decision for your particular instance.

Still need further assistance in looking for your Master’s degree online? also offers a variety of services, including tips for getting into schools and the top 10 online degree programs. All of the schools featured on the website are policed by the Diploma Mill Police, so you know that they are legitimate. That way you can feel confident that the education you are receiving from these schools is worth the money that you put into it.

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