Understanding Accreditation and Your Online degree

When you are looking into furthering your education, you will notice that a lot of emphasis is placed on accreditation. If you are choosing to pursue your Master’s degree online, accreditation has an even more important role. Without the proper paperwork to support it, your diploma might only be worth the piece of paper that it is printed on.

To understand why accreditation is so important to earning your Master’s degree online you first have to understand what accreditation is. In layman’s terms, it is a way to prove that the university from which you are earning your diploma is legit and measures up to other universities that offer the same programs. There is a set of members from the faculties of various accredited universities that decide what the standard is that a school must measure up to in order to receive accreditation.

The accreditation process judges the school’s philosophy, the resources that it has available and how it uses them, the requirements there are for students to be admitted, and the quality of the teaching faculty. If the school has programs such as those used for earning a Master’s degree online, these are also considered for accreditation.

Depending on why you are earning your Master’s degree online, a school’s accreditation will help you decide whether or not the standard of the degree or course measures up to what you are looking for. Since most people continue their education in order to get a new job or to be promoted at a current one, you want to make sure that the school that you use to earn your Master’s degree online from will be recognized by your future employers. A school that does not have proper accreditation will not usually be regarded as highly as one that does.

In some cases, a school may have received accreditation in the past and lost it over a period of time. This can be because of a variety of reasons, from the standards changing to a school gradually losing some of its prestige over time. It is important to make sure that the school you are interested in taking courses from is still accredited. Should they have lost their accreditation, they can reapply for it for all the degrees that they offer so that they do not lose their credibility with students. If your school has failed to do this, you should carefully consider whether or not they still meet your criteria.

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