Getting an Accelerated College Degree Online

You’ve had it. You’re tired of being in a dead-end job while young, inexperienced people pass you by simply because they have a piece of paper with the word, “degree” written on it. You’re in a professional rut and you want out of it.

The thought of going to college makes you nauseated, though. In the first place, it’s expensive. You might be able to afford to take a class at a time if you keep on working fulltime, but it would take you forever to get your degree at that rate. It won’t work logistically, either. You’re at work when most classes are offered, and evening classes conflict with family obligations. You live too far from a four-year college to make commuting practical, and you sure don’t want to move your family just to go to school.

You are not making excuses; these are honest barriers that most adults encounter when they consider getting a college degree. They feel like they need the degree, but don’t see how it’s possible to get it.

Online learning makes it affordable and possible for working adults to go to school. Accelerated college degree online programs make it possible to get that degree before you reach retirement age.

Accelerated college degree online programs fall into four basic categories.

Pay your fee and get your degree

These programs basically have no graduation requirements except that you give them money. They offer any degree in any discipline based on life experience. For an additional fee, they will backdate your degree and provide you with a transcript of classes with grades and verify your “education” to your employer. Most people consider getting an accelerated college degree online through one of these programs to be unethical, and it’s illegal to use it to get a job in some states.

No “residency” requirement

Most schools require that you take a minimum number of courses at their school to graduate there. There are a few who do not. They offer accelerated college degrees online without requiring that a certain number of credits be earned at their school. You can transfer in previous college credits, and gain credits through challenging exams, life experience assessments, military service, job training and continuing education. In addition, you can gain credits by demonstrating college-level competence in many areas. Using these methods, you can complete the final requirements for a college degree in as little as a few months. These schools are not considered to be degree mills, but they are suspect and should be evaluated very carefully before you give them money.

Accelerated degree programs

Many colleges and universities offer adult learners accelerated college degrees online. You can usually get credit for about two years of college. You can transfer in any previously earned college credits, take challenging exams, get credit for military service, job training and continuing education and get some credit for life experience. This cuts the cost and time to get your degree in half.

Work your buns off

The final way to get an accelerated college degree online is to work your buns off. Many programs allow you to work at your own pace. You can enter an accelerated program and work hard, completing one course after another, and finish the course work in less than two years. This is a rugged option, but sometimes it’s worth it because your life is disrupted for such a short period of time.

There are viable options for you to get a college degree. Maybe this is the year you’ll make a decision to get out of the rut and go back to school. Accelerated college degree online programs may be the answer for you.

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