The Advantages of an Accelerated Online Bachelor Degree

Getting an accelerated online bachelor’s degree seems almost too good to be true. How could you possibly complete a four-year degree in a couple of years or less?

It’s good to be somewhat suspicious, because that will motivate you to check out the degree programs carefully, but there are fully accredited, respected accelerated online bachelor degree programs available. In fact, the Higher Learning Commission studied accelerated bachelor degree programs in 2000 and found that:

* Accelerated online bachelor degree programs are specifically designed to meet the learning needs of adults. * The programs are best for working adults who are returning to school after an absence. * Most adults can complete the programs in less than two years.

Meeting the learning needs of working adults

Traditional college programs use teaching methods that are designed for younger learners. The classes are teacher oriented. The teacher determines the objectives and course content and evaluates the learning.

Most online programs use adult learning methods. The classes are learner oriented. The teacher and learner collaborate in determining how to study the material and how to evaluate it. Learning is on the student’s schedule, not the teacher’s. The learning is practical and applicable whenever possible. Adult learning is different from traditional “school” learning, and online programs capitalize on the characteristics of adult learners.

Working adults returning to school after an absence

Most people who chose an accelerated online bachelor degree program already have some college credits. They have already proven that they can succeed at college. They are not naïve about what it will take them to get a degree. Accelerated programs are challenging, and might be too challenging for someone who has no college experience at all.

Completing the degree in less than two years

The Higher Learning Commission found that flexible class schedules and shorter class lengths (instead of traditional quarters or semesters) helped adults complete their degrees within two years of beginning the program. Many students also received credit for prior learning experiences, which helped them earn a degree more quickly. It’s helpful to adult students to have a cohort that they learn with. That’s a small group of students who progress through the program together. Although it’s not as easy for online learners to develop a cohort, it is possible. Technological advances make it easier to work with other students while learning online than it has been in the past. Email forums, teleconferences and virtual small group learning experiences encourage the development of cohorts.

Accelerated online bachelor degree programs are ideal for working adult learners. In an online program, the very things that are disadvantages in traditional learning become advantages. Finding a good accelerated online bachelor degree program is not difficult and it makes education accessible and possible for many working adults.

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