Accredited Online College Degree: Career Advancement for International Travelers

I have a friend who travels internationally over 300 days a year. She works for an international consulting firm, and needs to get a graduate degree for career advancement. She’s a dedicated, hard-working girl who won’t waste her time or money. If she decides to get a Master’s degree, she wants it to be worth the time, effort and money. She wants to learn something that will help her in her career and in life.

But how in the world can she get an advanced degree when she’s not even in the United States most of the time? The answer for my friend would be to get an accredited online college degree from a reputable institution.

An Online Education is Also Convenient

Online education is the perfect option for travelers, both in country and internationally. Because of their travel schedules, they cannot attend traditional classes. Online classes, however, are available whenever and wherever they are because the internet is everywhere. In the few instances where internet access is unavailable, the traveler can easily pick up where he left off as soon as she returns to civilization.

Getting an accredited online college degree is a perfect option for travelers for another reason, too: it gives them something worthwhile to do. People who travel full-time all complain that there’s only so much you can or want to do in a strange town. Traveling wears thin after a while, and loneliness and disconnectedness can set in. They go to work, and then back to an empty hotel room. There is temptation for full-time travelers to fill that empty room with people or substances that shouldn’t be there.

Pursuing the goal of getting an advanced degree helps ease the loneliness of traveling. Instead of going back to an empty hotel room after work, they can go to class. Many accredited online college degree programs use a cohort system, where classmates connect through forums and email, which also helps relieve the feelings of isolation while traveling.

Most of us think it would be exciting to travel all over the world, like my friend does. She does love her job, and she enjoys traveling. She has learned a lot, and grown as a person because of her international travel. It does have drawbacks, though. It’s hard for her to stay connected to friends because she’s gone so much. It’s nearly impossible to get involved in anything—church or community activities or school—because of the travel schedule. Working toward an accredited online college degree could help ameliorate some of the loneliness and isolation of full-time travel. An advanced degree usually helps with career advancement and job mobility. My friend, and other road warriors, might find online education to be a good solution to several problems at once.

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