Does Getting a Bachelor Degree Online Program With an Elite College Help?

More and more students are logging on to get access to a bachelor degree online program. It is the most efficient and sought method for attaining a degree as it promises everything the traditional course does minus the attending of long classes, commuting back and forth, and is often cheaper.

However, does it help to do the bachelor degree online program from any university out there or does it pay to get it done from the elite few? Harvard and Yale can cost a fortune for a bachelor degree online program, however the belief is that it will pay off in the future with higher earnings brought by the simple fact that your degree comes from one of these prestigious colleges. Many argue that this is not the case. Doing a bachelor degree online program from an elite university may not bring you the higher earnings you expected. At least so it was said by a researcher at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. They even went further to say that these elite faculties only appear to bring you the big bucks by doing a bachelor degree online program with them.

These researches showed that individuals do well not because of the school they attend, but because they are smart, and apply what they learn.

In other words if you are intelligent enough the get in Harvard or Yale and get through the course there you are smart enough to do anything in your life and succeed at it.

So is it worth it in the end to kill yourself to get into one of these elite universities or is getting a bachelor degree online program as good as getting it from any accredited university? If you are looking to get into a bachelor online degree program, you must be working or having some sort of impediment to attend a daily class school. So, the general advice is, no, do not look for elite schools to complete your bachelor online degree program.

All you need to be watching for is an accredited university that offers the bachelor online degree program that suits your needs and financial budget. Yes, the elite universities are an advantage if you will be attending daily class the traditional way. They bring more prestige to the degree as with their name, they impose the high quality of study the students are exposed to, as well as the level of contacts that you’ll attain at these places is quite possibly more valuable then the degree itself.

However, doing a bachelor online degree program will not be treated very differently depending on the university you attended. Definitely some are better known then the others but, most accredited facilities follow the same study path and schedule.

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