Get a Criminal Justice Degree Online

It’s Tuesday night, and it’s been a rugged day at work. You left the cube farm and fought the freeway monsters to get home and you’re beat. You grab a bag of microwave popcorn and a diet Coke, and sit down to watch CSI. You love this show. Some version of CSI is on some channel every night of the week, and you rarely miss it. Sometimes you dream about being a CSI yourself, but it’s just not possible.

Unlike most people, it’s not the blood-and-guts that make CSI fascinating to you. It’s the forensic science. You’d sure rather be solving forensic puzzles than balancing profit-loss statements, but it’s not possible. It’s just a dream. You could never be a forensic scientist.

Why not? Why couldn’t you be a CSI? Yes, you probably would need to get a degree, probably in criminal justice or something like that. It’s not impossible, though. You can get a criminal justice degree online these days. If you think about it, getting a criminal justice degree online would remove most of the barriers to accomplishing that dream of yours.

Why is There Always Reality?

But you have bills to pay, you say, and you can’t just quit your job and go to school. That’s okay. You can continue scooping poop in the cube farm while you get your criminal justice degree online. You take the classes when you’re available. You might have to miss an occasional CSI episode to fit it in, but you’d be studying the real thing.

But you haven’t been to school in years, and you’re afraid you won’t succeed and your cube buddies would laugh at you. Let me encourage you a little here. Online education is designed for adults. It’s more learner friendly that traditional classroom education. New technology makes it accessible and interesting and nobody has to know what you’re doing until you are ready to tell them. You learn in the privacy of your own home. Honestly, it’s the perfect solution.

It is possible. You can achieve your dream. You could get your criminal justice degree online and become a CSI. Or you can keep watching TV and making excuses, and five years from now you’ll still be working in the cube farm. It’s up to you. You can do it if you want to. I think you should go for it.

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