My Very Own Online Art Degree

Getting my online art degree was the most wonderful and pleasing thing I ever did. In case you cannot tell, I love art. Like many of us, I started admiring art just for the beauty of it. One day I realized that my passion for water has deeper then just admiring it; I wanted to study it and, what other best way to do it then to get an online art degree.

Since I only had time to do the degree online (no time to study in today’s society with a fulltime job!), I started looking in the obvious place, online! I found a number universities offering art degree programs, one better then the other. Choosing the right university for my specific needs took a lot of time and research.

I really wanted to pick the right online art degree so I did not waste any time or effort on universities that offered the type of course I was looking for, but were non-accredited (something you’ll become familiar with). Another thing to keep in mind is that online art degrees do not come cheap; I almost had to look for financing to do my course.

My passion for art is so strong that even the high price tag could not stop me from getting my online art degree. Most universities also offer a related categories course once you are done with the online art degree, such as, digital photography or interior design. These degrees go hand in hand with your main degree, and if you are interested in further study, is an avenue you should definitely consider. Getting my online art degree was not easy to do even though it was online.

The general consensus is that online degrees are easier to do, they let you work whenever you want at your own pace. It is true in one sense… they let you work whenever you want, but the pace is far from your own. It is as fast and furious as it would be were you doing your degree at a traditional university. I had to keep up with a strict schedule and demanding teachers, but of course I would not have had it any other way. I loved every single day of my online art degree and wouldn’t trade the knowledge or experience for the world.

The online art degree now sits on my desk, a reminder of what I did, and of what I accomplished by following my passion. It taught more then just art, it bought light and happiness in my style of painting and drawings. If you are ready to pursue a career in art, be it photography, painting, or drawing, and are limited by how far you can travel, or by personal circumstances, then I’d definitely suggest that an online art degree is the way to go.

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