Defending My Online Degree Graduate Program

I desperately wanted to make use of an online degree graduate program. Everyday, it seems all I heard was how everyone was more educated then I was. In order to keep it quiet, I started looking at an online degree graduate program. That way, I could still keep working full time and do the things I do such as daily chores, while still completing my studies.

I went through a lot of work and effort to finish the online degree graduate program. Even if it was online, and I could do it from home, I still worked very hard as the online degree program was very competitive and demanding. After I successfully completed my online degree, my happiness knew no boundaries. I told everyone I knew about my online degree graduate program and was quite proud of myself.

Well, amidst my happiness I had a few who wanted to put my efforts and my online degree graduate program down. I was informed that the online degree graduate program was not as good as a traditional one. The common misconceptions are that students do not interact enough with peers, and there is a loss of real time pedagogical exchange. As I mentioned, these are common misconceptions about online degrees.

I Found The Online Program to Be Just as Good, If Not Better than A Traditional Degree Program.

My program required participation and foster group projects. Due to the medium we were studying online, I was in constant touch at all times of the day and night with the classmates of my online degree graduate program. We used to communicate via live chat, discussion boards or emails, and some of these discussions were even graded.

Some feel that an online degree graduate program is too new to “gauge effectiveness” – if so, why would so many reputable universities offer more and more courses be done online, in your own time? And as for the pedagogical exchange from my online degree, it was just as effective as any traditional class course. The added benefits of my online degree graduate program were that we could contact our instructor just about any time, plus all of our discussions were saved so we could access them later, should the need occur.

My online degree graduate program gave me extra value, as I could work and study at the same time. I did not have to commute and lose time in traffic. As well, I could study at the times I had allotted for studies, not a fixed time by the university. An Online degree graduate program is a value to our society which is constantly running out of time. Let’s learn to embrace education anywhere we can get it.

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