Who Graduates With an Online University Masters Degree?

Millions of students apply everyday to get an online university masters degree. These students never meet a professor, or ever sit in a class in their entire online university masters degree program. In fact, in some cases they are not even in the country. Long distance has taken a whole different meaning. One can be half way around the globe, and still undergo the same online university masters degree as someone does locally.

The congress passed a law within the last few years, which drops the requirement that colleges offer at least half of its courses to be done in person (face to face) in order to receive federal student aid. This new law will attract more students and schools to follow the online path.

While researching facts and data of an online university masters degree, I found surprising statistics:

* Online enrollment took a serious high from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million the following year according to Eduventures, a Boston firm that studies the trends of education. * Another study shows that 65% of schools that have daily traditional classes also offer online courses, including an online university masters degree. * Also predicted by Eduventures is that by 2008, about 1 in 10 college students will be doing an online degree program.

It’s Always Been Predicted That an Online Education Would Blossom Year by Year

Universities like Stanford, offer online university masters degree programs in certain sciences, even with most other elite schools looking down upon online education.

Many critics were quick to say that an online university masters degree, or any other one for that matter, does not give a student the enriching intellectual exchange that traditional programs do. The critics also point out the high rate of fraud going on with these online institutions.

While most educators agree that an online university master degree is not for the young learners who have not developed self discipline, which is definitely needed in these courses, they insist that online programs are the best way not to give up on studies because one has passed the college age or because one does not have the time to attend traditional classes.

So, to answer the question, who graduates by using an online university masters degree? Those that are not willing to give up on higher education and self improvement. On line university masters degree programs will add value to you and your life from whereever you do it.

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