Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae student loans are touted to be the country's foremost source of educational funding. Sallie Mae has provided the funding to many millions of American students seeking to realize their vision of a superior education. Salle Mae for the most part provides private and Federal student loans, as well as loans for undergrads and their parents. Graduate Students and veterans will also be pleased to find special funding programs in place for their educational funding needs. In concert with these funding programs Sallie Mae's website offers wide-ranging resources and a wealth of up-to-date information to lend a hand to parents, incoming freshman and high school guidance counselors with the monetary help so necessary to their college bound students.

Sallie Mae student loans begin with the Federal Stafford Loan which is currently the most often used supply of educational loan funding and are accessible to undergrads as well as graduate students. These educational student loans come in two forms, unsubsidized or subsidized. Subsidized Stafford loans are in fact, based on need. While you are in school the federal government takes care of paying the interest on a subsidized student loan. There is a grace period of six months beginning after you graduate before you must begin making payments. You are required to be a United States citizen or a permanent resident in the United States, a full to at least half-time or graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited College. With a subsidized Federal Stafford Loan a credit check will not be required. If you should choose to get an unsubsidized Federal Safford Loan through Sallie Mae the requirements differ in respect to the fact that this loan is not based on need and there are many more funds available. Sallie Mae student loans can be consolidated in the future to reduce the monthly payment over a substantially longer time frame reducing the burden that student loans put on the newly employed graduate. One of the best times to do this is during the six month grace period at the end of your school career as chances are you will be able to complete your grace period without interruption where as if you seek to do it before the grace period begins you may loose the benefit of the additional time payment free. Sallie Mae student loans are also made available to parents seeking to help their child through school by means of a federal Plus loan.

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